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London Gambit Book Cover

On a moonlit London night, Suzanne Rannoch slips away from a glittering Mayfair party to assist a wounded man who has escaped Paris one step ahead of Royalist pursuit. In fever-wracked delirium, the man warns Suzanne of a plot to rescue Napoleon Bonaparte: A plot that could bring chaos to Suzanne’s world, for though now married to the grandson of British duke, she was once an agent for Bonaparte…Before she can ask more questions, the mysterious man disappears into the London night.

That same evening, Suzanne’s husband Malcolm, himself a former spy for Britain, is summoned to the warehouse of a shipping company where a thief has been knifed to death. Beside the body is a secret compartment, but whatever the compartment contained is gone.

These two seemingly unconnected incidents prove to be the opening gambit in a deadly game that will test the Rannochs’ skill, strain their divided loyalties to Britain and France, and entangle not only fellow agents and spymasters, but their friends and family. The stakes are their security, their marriage, their very lives.


May 15, 2016
ISBN-13: 2940157682750

7 Responses to “London Gambit”

  1. jill Says:

    Will this be released as areal book, or just on devices?

    1. Tracy Grant Says:

      It will be a trade paperback as well, Jill! The trade paperback won’t be listed for pre-order but should be available for sale at the same time as the e-book. You can also order an autographed from Book Passage where I’ll be doing a book launch event.

  2. Andrea Says:

    YAY, a new Rannoch book! I’ve read all the others (well, all the ones that are available in paper) and I’m EAGERLY anticipating this one! Also (im)patiently waiting for The Mask of Night to be released in paper — I REALLY want to read that one!

    1. Tracy Grant Says:

      I hope it will be in paperback eventually! You could read it on your computer, phone, or tablet with a free Nook or Kindle app in the meantime.

  3. Linda Shaw Olsen Says:

    I really loved the book. Will the series continue?

    1. Tracy Grant Says:

      So glad you liked it, Linda! The series will absolutely! I’m really excited about the possibilities this twist opens up. There will be a novella out in November set immediately after London Gambit, and the next full novel will be next May, set a few months later.

      1. I’m thrilled the series is continuing. I’m sure they can find all kinds of things to investigate in Italy. By the way, where in Italy is the Rannock villa?

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