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Book 4 in the Lescaut Quartet

Rightfully His CoverOnce her best friend, Francis Storbridge had always wanted more from Charlotte de Ribard — even after she sent him away under accusations of colluding in her blackguard father’s most heinous crime…

Now, it’s years later and Francis is an esteemed member of Parliament and may be Charlotte’s only hope to save her family from utter disgrace. Not one to usually fold to her pride, but Charlotte is desperate and appeals to the man she once tried to hate. To save her family, Charlotte is willing to risk life and limb – anything except her heart and the love she’d so painfully buried long ago…

Francis finally sees his chance to protect his one true love and proposes…a marriage of convenience. Much to his surprise, Charlotte agrees. Suddenly, everything that Francis had desired and dreamed about has come true…and now it’s his turn to protect her from her ruthless father. Only once Charlotte feels safe can Francis tempt her to truly let go …and feel the greatest peace – one that only true love can bring.

One Response to “Rightfully His”

  1. […] Rightfully His is a novel in which I explored political intrigue, the early days of railroads, and the complexities of a marriage of convenience. Charlotte and Francis are very different from Suzanne and Malcolm, but both couples are adjusting to a sudden marriage that is not all it seems from the outside. And this book features one my favorite villains I have ever created… […]

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