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“If Jane Austen and Len Deighton could have collaborated, they’d probably have come up with something very much like Tracy Grant’s original and riveting novel.” — Chicago Tribune

“A masterfully crafted novel; gripping and emotionally profound, with the page-turning suspense of The Alienist and the sweeping, swashbuckling adventure of The Scarlet Pimpernel.” — Penelope Williamson, author of Wages of Sin

“Thoroughly enjoyable, a superabundance of plot twists and psychological turns.” — Kirkus Reviews

“Charles and Melanie are highly sympathetic, capable, and intelligent characters. This reader wouldn’t have minded spending more time in their company.” — Historical Novels Review

“Grant masterfully weaves personal and political deceptions into a taut fabric of historical intrigue in 1819 England. Again and again she twists the plot.” — Library Journal

“Splendid. The only level of suspense I’d rather not be held in for very long, is that of waiting for her next book.” — I Love a Mystery, newsletter

“Fast-paced. The storytelling skills that have garnered rave reviews are evident here.” — Booklist

“Grant makes the full gamut of our emotions her playground, moving us, horrifying us, angering us, and uplifting us. Spiced with lines from Shakespeare, woven through with incredible details of the time and strong action, you won’t be satisfied until you’ve turned the last page.” —

“If you want a roller-coaster ride of a novel, this ought to be right up your dark alley. Imagine Anne Perry mixed with Bernard Cornwell’s Sharpe novels and you might come close to this nail-biting thriller, but Tracy Grant’s debut novel is a lot more than just that…. This is Regency with a difference, but plenty of romance and sexual intrigue amid the sordid secrets, old crimes and tales of wartime treachery. If you like historical whodunits – and Regencies – and are hoping for something to really get your teeth into, this is surely it. Grant has created two strong characters that readers are going to empathize with in Charles and especially Melanie Fraser, and dropped them into a well-realized world of both high and low society with a teasing, fast-paced plot to boot. You won’t be able to put this one down and it comes highly recommended.” —

“Full of thrills and betrayal.” — Chattanooga Times Free Press

“A story that draws you in and won’t let go.” — Miami Herald

“A standout. If you’ve been yearning for a book that could fully pull you into its world, check out Daughter of the Game.” — All About Romance

“Tracy Grant spins an interesting, well-developed tale that presents mystery, adventure, and good escape reading. [She] superly maneuvers her plot to reveal yet another piece of the puzzle.” — State Journal-Register, Springfield, Illinois

“Tracy Grant has got what it takes to draw both romance and suspense readers into a story with appealing characters and just the right balance of relationship and mystery.” — Romantic Times

“The main characters are richly drawn. I look forward to the succeeding books.” — Mysterious Women, newsletter

“An exciting and moving tale a real page-turner.” — The Romance Reader

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