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Book 2 in the Lescaut Quartet

Shores of Desire CoverThe handsome English soldier who goes by the name of Robert Melton has secrets…secrets that Emma Blair must never discover. Namely – that he is a spy working for the French Republic.

But Emma Blair so resembles Robert’s late wife that he can’t stay away from her – nor can she resist a dangerous officer whose call to duty reminds her of her late husband.

In the midst of war, blood feuds and terrible family secrets, Emma and Robert must learn to abandon all caution if they ever hope to find a lasting and truthful love.

2 Responses to “Shores of Desire”

  1. […] into Waterloo and the White Terror for the backstory of various books (and the central plot of Shores of Desire). An intriguing historical character like Wilhelmine of Sagan or Dorothée Talleyrand. As I plot […]

  2. […] Shores of Desire is my first attempt at writing about Waterloo and post-Waterloo Paris. Not to mention a hero and heroine on opposite sides in the Napoleonic Wars, though it’s the hero, Robert Lescaut, who’s the French agent while Emma Blair is Scottish. […]

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