1. How does Suzanne distract the crowd at the tavern while Malcolm meets with Rivère? [answer: singing a song]
  2. What is Wilhelmine of Sagan considering that she swore she’d never do again? [answer: getting married]
  3. What is Gabrielle Caruthers doing in the café when Suzanne finds her? [answer: sketching]
  4. What had Suzanne stolen from the ministry of police when she was wounded and sought refuge at the Comédie Française with  Manon Caret? [answer: evidene about Hortense Bonaparte’s secret child]
  5. How did Louise Carnot meet Pierre Sevigny? [answer: he painted her portrait]
  6. What does Suzanne disguise herself as to go into the Comédie Française and help with Manon Caret’s escape? [answer: a seamstress]
  7. Who breaks up the fight between the British soldier and the Frenchman at the Salon des  Etrangers? [answer: Raoul O’Roarke]
  8. To whom did the Duke of Wellington write the letter that Rivère was trying to blackmail him with? [answer: Lady Frances Webster]
  9. What word did Cordelia hear Gui Laclos say in his sleep? {answer: Frémont]
  10. Why does Dorothée Talleyrand call on Malcolm and Suzanne in the middle of the night? [answer: to stop a duel between her husband Edmond and her lover Karl Clam-Martinitz]
  11. Who brought Gui Laclos to England? [answer: Lord Dewhurst]
  12. What is the name of Paul St. Gilles’s painting in the Louvre that Tatiana Kirsanova used as a hiding place? [answer: The Daughters of Zeus]
  13. Charles and David met Simon at Oxford during a production of what Shakespeare play? [answer: Henry IV Part I]
  14. What is the Kestrel disguised as during the rescue of Paul St. Gilles? [answer: an old peddler woman]
  15. Where are Malcolm and Suzanne thinking about going to live at the end of the book? [answer: England]

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