1. Who discovers Princess Tatiana’s body? [answer:  Malcolm Rannoch]
  2. What was Tsarina Elisabeth’s name before she married Tsar Alexander? [answer: Princess Louise of Baden]
  3. What shop do Malcolm and Suzanne seek refuge in during their escape through the streets of Vienna? [answer: a pianoforte maker’s]
  4. What is Malcolm’s nickname for Princess Tatiana? [answer: Tania]
  5. What does Lady Castlereagh wear in her hair for the Metternichs’ masquerade? [answer: her husband’s Order of the Garter]
  6. Who pinches Dorothée Talleyrand at the Metternichs’ masquerade? [answer: Lord Stewart]
  7. What did Malcolm give Suzanne for her recent birthday? [answer: diamond earrings]
  8. What did Wilhelmine of Sagan want Princess Tatiana to return to the Courland family? [answer: the Courland casket]
  9. Who knocks Fitz from his horse during the jousting at the Carrousel? [answer: Malcolm]
  10. What is the name of Wilhelmine of Sagan’s secret daughter? [answer: Adelaide Gustava, Vava for short]
  11. Who sent Princess Tatiana to Russia? [answer: Prince Talleyrand]
  12. Where does Suzanne find Princess Tatiana’s locket? [answer: in Malcolm’s shaving kit]
  13. What Shakespeare play did Malcolm and Tatiana use as a codebook? [answer: Hamlet]
  14. Where do Suzanne, Dorothée, and Wilhelmine find Princess Tatiana’s box of secret papers and the Courland casket? [answer: in the pianoforte at Catherine Bagration’s]
  15.  What piece of music is being performed during the attempted assassination of Tsarina Elisabeth? [answer: Beethoven’s 7th Symphony]

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