Dear Readers,

This has been a year of challenges, indeed, so I suppose we should expect the same in our fictional lives as well!
As some of you know, it’s been a bit of a rocky road to the release of The Apsley House Incident!  (or maybe I should call it the Apsley House accident?).   Due to a “technical difficulty” the content in the Kindle version was from a different book entirely.

For those of you who got the ‘misplaced’ book, I’m so sorry you had to wait to read Melanie and Malcolm’s new adventure!  I can imagine your disappointment, because my own heart dropped when I went excitedly online to see what was happening, only to find 1* reviews abounding. and a raft of confused comments on Facebook and GoodReads.

So first of all, here’s what you can do to get the correct version of The Apsley House Incident if you haven’t already been able to do do so. Amazon and NYLA say

We’ve sent an e-mail to customers who own copies of “The Apsley House Incident” to notify them of the update made to the content. Readers can now update the content on their “Manage Your Content and Devices” page ( If you own a copy of your book, you can also download the newer version from this page. 

For readers who already returned the book and got a refund, they’ll need to repurchase. But everything should be correct.

And for those of you who have the new — or new-new — book, it would be such a lovely and appreciated gesture if you could go to the Amazon listing and let readers know that the correct version is being delivered.   And of course, I always value your reviews, good or bad, so I appreciate that extra feedback if you’re willing!

You can find a direct link to “The Apsley House Intrigue on Amazon here.

Here’s to smooth sailing ahead, and warm hopes for a lovely and happy Thanksgiving for those celebrating. One of the many things I am thankful for is all the wonderful support readers give to Malcolm and Mélanie Rannoch and their friends – and to me. The last couple of days have been extremely challenging, but one silver lining was seeing how many readers were so eager to get the novella and how supportive you all were through the process.

  If you have questions or are still having any issues, please email me at or leave a comment below.

With heartfelt thanks,