Becoming Jane

“Becoming Jane” opended in the San Francisco Bay Area on Friday, and my friend jim (who helped design my website) and I went to the first matinee. I had mixed feelings–gorgeous period atmosphere and some great acting, but I have a hard time believing the woman who could dissect characters with such keenness and compassion was as self-absorbed as Jane struck me in the movie (I found myself most sympathetic to her rejected suitor, Mr. Wisley). But one thing I did think the movie captured well was the way marriage and money were inextricably bound together. This is a theme I confess I quite missed in Austen’s novels when I first read them (in fairness, I was under ten at the time) and which I notice more and more rereading them now.


At the request of Barnes & Noble, the release of “Secrets of a Lady” was moved up to coincide with the opening of the movie “Becoming Jane” (and can I say what a thrill it is to me as an author to be in any way associated with anything to do with Jane Austen? :-). As “Becoming Jane” just opened today, this seemed a good time to post a video clip on my love of Jane Austen’s novels and their influence on my writing.

It’s so much fun this week seeing “Secrets of a Lady” on a bookstore shelves. I’ll be back Monday with a new Dear Reader Blog and a new Fraser Corrspondence.