Last autumn I had fun doing a fall fashion blog. This year I haven’t really done fall fashion shopping, mostly because I splurged a lot over the summer, notably on the dress above in three different colors (black, coral, ivory, all very much or sale). It’s a dress that goes anywhere, from picnics to the black tie and the lace is remarkably sturdy, a plus for the mum of a toddler. Fortunately, lace is still very much in for fall, so I’m still wearing the dresses a bunch with cardigans and sweaters.

But thinking about fall fashion prompted me to think about what designers Suzanne and Cordelia and Laura might wear if they lived today. I think Suzanne and Cordy would both wear a lot of my favorite designer (the source of my three lace dresses) Alice Temperley of Temperley London. Not just as a nod to the author, but because the fluid, elegant, romantic but not fussy look seems to suit them both.

I browsed for them both on the Temperley website (very fun because they would have a much more generous clothing budget than I do :-). I could see Suzanne wearing this dress to a tea or luncheon (or to work, because a modern day Suzanne would certainly work). This dress also is perfect for Suzanne day to dinner and time with the children. Cordy might wear this to a cocktail party. I could see Suzanne in this dress (one of my favorites of Temperley’s Autumn/Winter collection) at a dinner party or the theater. Or during the day with a cardigan and flats. They could make a dramatic entrance at a black tie event in matching evening gowns, Suzanne in red, Cordy in blue. 

Or for contrasting evening looks, I could see Suzanne in this and Cordelia in this.

Laura, on the other hand, I see as a bit more tailored. I could see her wearing a lot of L.K. Bennett, another favorite I haunt during sales. I could see Laura in this day dress, or this for dinner, or this for something more formal.

What sort of clothes do you think Suzanne, Cordelia, Laura, and others in the series would wear if they lived today? Designers, brands, styles? What present day celebrities have looks that might be similar to theirs?

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Those of you who follow this blog regularly may know that fashion is one of my escapes. When reading any fiction, even something completely different from my own work, makes me feel inadequate and second guess myself, I take refuge in fashion magazines. When I need a mood lift I plan a special outfit (or go shopping). When i came home form the hospital with Mélanie, dressing up and doing my hair and makeup was my way of holding on to who I was in addition to being Mélanie’s mummy.

I thought it would be fun to do a fashion-centric post as a change of pace (and a break from a thorny plot conundrum I’m trying to iron out). I have a weakness for some wonderful designers like Temperley London, Moschino Cheap & Chic, and Burberry that I can only afford at about 70% off (and even then I shop very selectively). This means I do a lot of my shopping on sites like theoutnet and yoox. I get some fabulous bargains, but it means my new clothes are often a few seasons, even a few years old. Fortunately, i tend to like styles that are fairly classic and I wear my clothes for years (in my recent post about my week of events, I wore dresses that ranged from brand new to six years old). Still I love the fall fashion issues of Vogue and In Style with lavish spreads that detail the new styles and trends of the season, and I manage to try out some of them.A few that intrigue me this season:

1. Animal prints. I love animal prints, particularly leopard. My mom loved them as well, as Mélanie is currently on her fourth pair of leopard print flats (the first were a baby gift from a stylish friend). I found the dress above on Saks Off Fifth and got it entirely with bonus points (guilt free shopping!). It’s from the winter resort collation but it’s in lovely autumnal tones. I’ve been wearing it a bunch and may wear it to Thanksgiving dinner.

2. Burgundy, Always one of my favorite colors. Burgundy bags have been all over fashion magazines and websites this fall. I looked for one but couldn’t find one I liked that also fit my requirements of being 1) roomy enough to accommodate a laptop, papers, and baby gear, 2) Mélanie proof (inside able to stand up to mushed up banana, melted chocolates, and sunscreen spills), and 3) mostly non-leather (as a vegetarian, I feel hypocritical carrying a purse that has more than the odd bit of leather trim). In the end i got an updated version of my bilberry Longhamp, the new le Pliage Neo which i trade off with my older Planetes to make both last longer.purse

3. Midi skirts. I have a bunch of different skirt and dress lengths in my closet, butI love the new longer skirts and dresses that are in right now – great for bending down on the playground. I’d like to get one of the full, below the knee skirts that seem to be everywhere this season. It’s a look that feels very fresh now, but that’s classic and that i’d wear for years. I haven’t got one yet, but I like this one from J. Crew and this one from Reiss, though in both cases I’ll probably wait for sales.

4. Sweater dressing. I love sweaters and knit skirts and dresses (one of the many things I love about autumn). I got this dress on sale over the summer (another 2014 resort piece) with the idea that it would be great for fall (and now we’re having a heat wave or I’d be wearing it this weekend – its says something about Bay Area weather that I wore it several times over the summer).7.17.14TracySSC

Then of course there are wish list pieces like this dress and this skirt that I won’t even let myself think about until sale time. Fortunately it’s a pretty timeless loo.

Do autumn leaves make you think about new clothes? If so, what do you think of the season’s trends/ If not, what else do you look forward to as the days shorten and the light turns rose gold?