Congratulations to Jessica, who won last week’s drawing for a copy of Vienna Waltz. Jessica, watch for an email from me so I can get your mailing details and pop the book in the post.

It’s been an exciting few days leading up to an exciting week. The Mask of Night was released on Kindle last Thursday, and Vienna Waltz’s official release date is March 29, this coming Tuesday. To celebrate, this week I thought we’d have a virtual book party with an open discussion thread about both books. About The Mask of Night in particular, since it’s been out a few days, but I know Vienna Waltz has been trickling into stores already and some of you received advance copies. So feel free to comment on or ask questions about both books (questions welcome even if you haven’t read the books). We’ll have another Vienna Waltz thread next week as well.

You may also have noticed that my website has a new look, thanks to my fabulous web designer and wonderful friend Gregory Paris. You’ll find detail pages now for both Vienna Waltz and Mask, with excerpts and historical notes. There’s also a new FAQ that answers some common questions about my books, in particular the order of the books. Do let me know how you like the site redesign and if you have more questions for the FAQ.

This week the Fraser Correspondence moves to November 18, just two days before the opening of Vienna Waltz, with a letter Mélanie/Suzanne writes to Raoul when Charles/Malcolm has disappeared unexpectedly during the night. I’ve decided to keep it the Fraser Correspondence (rather than Rannoch) and keep the Mélanie and Charles names. I hope this won’t be too confusing. If you’ve come to my books through Vienna Waltz, Mélanie and Charles Fraser are alter egos for Suzanne and Malcolm Rannoch and the letters I’m posting now describe events just before and then during Vienna Waltz. If you scroll a ways down in the Correspondence, you’ll find more letters from a bit earlier in their time at the Congress, that I wrote while I was researching the book.