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Vienna Waltz Book CoverNothing is fair in love and war…

Europe’s elite have gathered at the glittering Congress of Vienna—princes, ambassadors, the Russian tsar—all negotiating the fate of the Continent by day and pursuing pleasure by night. Until Princess Tatiana, the most beautiful and talked about woman in Vienna, is found murdered during an ill-timed rendezvous with three of her most powerful conquests…

Suzanne Rannoch has tried to ignore rumors that her new husband, Malcolm, has also been tempted by Tatiana. As a protégé of France’s Prince Talleyrand and attaché for Britain’s Lord Castlereagh, Malcolm sets out to investigate the murder and must enlist Suzanne’s special skills and knowledge if he is to succeed. As a complex dance between husband and wife in the search for the truth ensues, no one’s secrets are safe, and the future of Europe may hang in the balance…

” Shimmers like the finest salons in Vienna…a perfect blend of history, mystery, romance, and suspense.” —Deborah Crombie

“Meticulous, delightful, and full of surprises.” —Tasha Alexander

“Glittering balls, deadly intrigue, sexual scandals. . .the next best thing to actually being there!” —Lauren Willig

“Absolutely gripping. . .historical intrigue at its finest.” —Deanna Raybourn

“Murder, deception, and romance, drenched in a richly detailed portrait of early nineteenth century Vienna.”—C.S. Harris

Kensington Books
April 2011
ISBN 13-978-0-7582-5423-8
ISBN 10-0-7582-5423-7

10 Responses to “Vienna Waltz”

  1. loissalsgiver Says:

    Is there an earlier book which describes how Suzanne and Malcome come together?

  2. Tracy Grant Says:

    Thanks for posting! There isn’t a complete book that describes Malcolm and Suzanne meeting, but in Secrets of a Lady, which is set later and in which Malcolm and Suzanne are called Charles and Mélanie (for more info see the FAQ on my website) there’s a flashback to their meeting in the Cantabrian Mountains in Spain.

  3. Céline Says:

    Good afternoon Tracy!
    I’ve just finished Vienna Walz, and I wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed it! I found the way you entangled reality and fiction really compelling and I loved how you brought the truth to the reader little by little. And there are so many truths to be discovered!! 🙂 And I really love the way the relationship between Malcolm and Suzanne evolved, the way their adventures brought them together.
    All in all, I loved the book! 🙂 I really felt like I was there, attending the balls and following Malcolm and Suzanne in the dark streets at night, my heart beating with fear for their security.

    Thanks for giving us reader this wonderful time with your heros!

    How much research did the writing of the book take? It must have taken quite an extensive reading to master this period, so complex and so rich!

  4. Tracy Grant Says:

    Thanks so much, Céline – I’m thrilled to hear you enjoyed Vienna Waltz and Malcolm and Suzanne so much.

    I always do quite a bit of research for my books, but Vienna Waltz did require more, because I intertwining my fictional characters with real historical people and events more than ever before. I read a lot of memoirs and diaries of the period as well as present-day nonfiction books about the Congress. It was frustrating because I’m used to being able to read primary source documents, but I don’t read German or Russian. However, I do read French, and a lot of diplomatic correspondence and papers of the period are in French.

  5. Ilenia Says:

    Hi, I’m Ilenia, and i’m from Palermo, Italy. If found ypour book in a bookshop when i came to New York, last year. Then i admit i forgot it, until one week ago when i found it in my libvrary.. it’a amazing, i really love it! There is like everythong i like in a book: suspance, intigue, historical events, charming men, a difficoult marriage, uncommon women. Very very very good job, lady!

  6. Lev Says:

    Dear Tracy!
    I present your book Vienna Waltz to my friends in Munchen. Then I went from Munchen to Budapest by train. And I got out in Vienna and stayed there during 2 days. It was amazing walking and searching places where pages from your book became alive. But I forgot a name of a street where the Palm palace was. So I wrote a letter to you with question about the Palm Palace.
    Then I got a new idea. I called to my son who lives in London. And he took your book and red for me:Schenkengasse.
    And I found this small street too. Then I got your email – very nice!
    I red David King “Vienna, 1814”. He wrote that Palm Palace was destroyed in the end of XIX century. I found the Hungarian mission in this street.
    Thank you very much for your book. I decide it’s good idea to write here.

    Best regards,


  7. Tracy Grant Says:

    So glad you found the Schenkengasse, Lev! And happy to know you enjoyed Vienna Waltz and presented the book to your friends. It’s interesting that the Hungarian mission is now in the Schenkengasse.

    Thank you for writing and please stay in touch.

    Best wishes,

    1. Lev Says:

      I’m in Moscow now. But I’ll be in London over 2 weeks. Then I’ll to buy your books and Imperial Scandal too.

      Best regards,


      1. Tracy Grant Says:

        Thanks, Lev!

  8. I would love your book Vienna Waltz reach Perú once! Its trama is magnificent, especially your characterization of the Sagan princesses!

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