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In the fallout of one of history’s bloodiest battles, a personal war is waged… 

Paris in 1816 is reeling from the Battle of Waterloo, and relations between the British and French are uneasy at best. So it’s hardly a surprise to British attaché and Intelligence Agent Malcolm Rannoch when he and his wife Suzanne, soon to give birth to their second child, become the target of violent threats. Malcolm is certain that the secrets of his past have caught up with him—but he’s unaware that Suzanne has more than a few secrets of her own…

The Rannochs both served as spies throughout the Napoleonic Wars, Malcolm for the British and Suzanne for the Bonapartist French—and both could have left any number of enemies in  their wake. But even for two seasoned agents, finding a would-be killer in a country where allegiances are tested and no one can be trusted may prove as impossible as escaping their history…

THE PARIS PLOT (e-novella)
January 28, 2014

10 Responses to “The Paris Plot”

  1. gofish44 Says:

    Hi Teresa, I’m really looking forward to reading the novella and of course the next full length novel detailing Suzanne and Malcolm’s adventures. From the excerpt it seems like tensions are running high and with a new baby on the way Suzanne is feeling the increasing pressure of divided loyalties. I’m looking forward to learning more about the threat, and dare I hope, some insight into their relationship, its development, and of course Colin’s adjustment.

    Out of curiosity, have they returned to London and then come to Paris or is this an between stage?

    On a separate note, I would love to serve as a beta reader or advance reader….I can hope, right? 🙂

  2. Tracy Grant Says:

    Thanks so much for your comments! They are still in Paris in the The Paris Plot. it takes place in December 1816 and the decision to go to Britain is part of the story (they go in the spring of 1817). The Berkeley Square Affair takes place in late November/December 1817, when the new baby is about to turn one.

    I don’t use beta readers at present, but I will definitely be doing contests for advanced copies of The Berkeley Square Affair!

  3. Donna Taylor Says:

    Hi Teresa,
    I would also love to be an advanced reader for the Berkeley Square Affair.

    Thank you,
    Donna Taylor

  4. Tracy Grant Says:

    Thanks, Donna! Once I get through the flurry of Paris Plot publication, I’ll run some contests for ARCs. Stay tuned!

  5. […] which I’ll later archive to the Fraser Letters. It’s the Valentine’s Day between The Paris Plot and The Berkeley Square Affair. If you haven’t joined the Google+ Group yet, one of the great […]

  6. Emma Says:

    Hi I am in Australia and would love to get this book. I have read all of your books but can currently not get His Spanish Bride and the Paris Plot electronically or hard copy to Australia. Is there any way for me to purchase these books in Australia? I have a kindle but the book is only on the US Amazon not the Australian amazon. Thanks p.s. I love your books!

  7. Tracy Grant Says:

    Hi Emma! So glad to hear you enjoy the series. My publisher only has U,S. rights, and a U.K. publisher hasn’t picked up the series. My agent and I are working to make the novellas available in the U.K., but meanwhile if you email me at, I can get you copies.

    1. Tracy Grant Says:

      An update to say the novellas are now available in the UK!

  8. In which book did Suzanne reveal the truth to Malcom. I have read most of your books but seemed to have missed this one. Enjoyed them all. Sharon

  9. Tracy Grant Says:

    So glad you enjoy the books, Sharon! Malcolm learns about Suzanne in The Berkeley Square Affair, the book that takes place 3 months before my recent The Mayfair Affair.

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