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Mayfair 211 332In the elegant environs of Mayfair, Malcolm and Suzanne Rannoch live a seemingly charmed life. Malcolm, a former diplomatic attaché and intelligence agent, is a rising Member of Parliament. Suzanne is fast becoming one of London’s most sought hostesses. But even their closest friends don’t know that the Rannoch’s marriage is still reeling from the revelation that Suzanne was a French spy when she met British agent Malcolm and that she married him to gather information on British plans.

Malcolm and Suzanne are hoping for private time to repair their marriage. But their peace is shattered by a late night visit from a Bow Street runner. The powerful Duke of Trenchard has been found murdered in the study of his St. James’s Square house. And Laura Dudley, governess to the Rannoch children, was standing over the dying duke.

Malcolm and Suzanne are convinced the woman they trusted with their children is not a killer. To prove Laura’s innocence, they are drawn into an investigation that will test their wits and the fragile truce between them. But whether or not she murdered the Duke of Trenchard, Laura Dudley is certainly not what she seemed. Revelations about her identity cut dangerously close to Suzanne’s own past. Malcolm and Suzanne realize more is at stake than Laura’s life and liberty. The investigation into the Duke of Trenchard’s murder will either prove the resilience of their bond–or snap it in two. . . .

May 15, 2015

24 Responses to “The Mayfair Affair”

  1. […] house above in Berkeley Square is my model for Malcolm and Suzanne’s house. The Mayfair Affair begins in this house, with Malcolm and Suzanne awakened in their second floor bedchamber by a visit […]

  2. […] weeks until the release of The Mayfair Affair! Above is a picture (over a decade old) of me in front of the current Bow Street police station. […]

  3. […] Lord Byron, Gladstone and the fictional Ernest/Jack Worthing in The Importance of Being Earnest. The Mayfair Affair includes scenes set in David and Simon’s rooms in The Albany. The Duke of Trenchard, who is […]

  4. […] Bertrand de Laclos, a character directly inspired by the Scarlet Pimpernel. Bertrand has a cameo in The Mayfair Affair. He and Rupert are living happily, if in the shadow of secrets and with the delicate tension of […]

  5. […] Dudley, governess to Colin and Jessica Rannoch, plays a central role in The Mayfair Affair. The story begins when she is accused of murdering the Duke of Trenchard. Laura has a heart-shaped […]

  6. […] her Laura, after Laura Dudley, governess to the Rannoch/Fraser children and a central character in The Mayfair Affair, which I was writing at the time. Recently we paid our first visit to an American Girl Doll store […]

  7. […] the famous Whig club in St. James’s Street, is one of the settings in The Mayfair Affair. Malcolm isn’t the sort ot seek refuge from his family in his club, but as a Whig politician […]

  8. […] by Laura the doll’s dark blue pelisse (which resembles Laura Dudley’s pelisse in The Mayfair Affair) was wonderful. The same day we bought the pelisse and hat at the American Girl doll store at the […]

  9. […] a few days until the release of The Mayfair Affair (and the paperback is already available for order). You can download teasers from the ebook version […]

  10. […] popping in to say The Mayfair Affair is now officially out in the world. So excited to hear what everyone thinks of it. Feel free to use […]

  11. […] The picture above shows a Mayfair town house that could easily be Trenchard House where the plot of The Mayfair Affair is set in motion (and it looks very like the picture on the book cover, which  I love).  […]

  12. […] Pelican Inn, the setting for some key scenes in The Mayfair Affair, was inspired by the real Pelican Inn, a wonderful recreation of a sixteenth century inn near Muir […]

  13. […] May 30, I had the fun of being back at my favorite bookstore, Book Passage, for a launch event for The Mayfair Affair. Always a treat for a writer to be able to talk about her books :-). Mélanie made the day for me. […]

  14. […] joined. A great group which Mélanie and I are having a lot of fun with. I got to talk a bit about The Mayfair Affair and to listen to some wonderful summer reading suggestions for the moms and their […]

  15. […] I’m guest blogging on the wonderful Word Wenches blog about governesses, Laura Dudley, and The Mayfair Affair. Be sure to check it […]

  16. […] The Mayfair Affair takes the Suzanne/Malcolm/Raoul triangle in some interesting new directions. This seemed a good time to ask what readers think of the current state of that triangle (is it even still a triangle?) and of literary triangles in general, and also to repost a post I originally put up in 2011 on Squaring the Triangle. […]

  17. […] book. Usually they fall nicely into place but I wrote a quarrel between Malcolm and Suzanne for The Mayfair Affair that, though it seemed to fit with where their relationship was, never found a place in the finished […]

  18. […] Fortnum’s hampers go back to the 1730s. The hamper Raoul brings to Laura in Newgate in The Mayfair Affair would look not unlike the lovely one that arrived at our house yesterday. What a fabulous treat […]

  19. […] I’ve taken a mini-break from my WIP to get started on novella that will be out this fall. I wanted to have a good start on the novel before I focused on the novella. Once I had the plot idea for  the novella it’s been falling into place with surprising ease (at least so far :-). It takes place during a ball Suzanne and Malcolm are giving in Berkeley Square. I realized I’ve never written a scene of them entertaining in a big way. Lots of great possibilities and fun to do the novella all on one night, with all the pressure of hosting a large event..It takes place about a month and a half after the end of The Mayfair Affair. […]

  20. […] and Raoul seemed to be tentatively beginning a relationship of sorts at the end of Mayfair Affair. But Raoul was leaving for Spain, where rebellion against the restored monarchy is brewing, and […]

  21. […] I’m still working on a post about the wonderful plays I saw at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and how they’ve inspired my writing But this week I’ve been busy getting the novella, A Night in Berkeley Square, off to the copy editor. It seems a good time to post a teaser, especially as it ties into to some of the past week’s discussion as it touches on Laura and Emily. Here’s the opening scene of A Night in Berkeley Square. Does Laura’s situation fit with what you envisioned after The Mayfair Affair? […]

  22. […] perhaps is not unrelated to the love and politics themes of Anthony and Cleopatra. At the end of The Mayfair Affair Raoul tells Laura “I have no right to ask you to feel any sort of obligation. But I feel one.” […]

  23. […] In Berkeley Square, the novella that takes place six weeks after The Mayfair Affair, will be out November 2nd, two weeks from next Monday. It takes place at a ball Suzanne and Malcolm […]

  24. […] are some snippets of letters between the characters. They’re from Valentine’s Day 1818, before The Mayfair Affair (to skip ahead to Valentine’s Day 1819 would spoil about the next three books).  Malcolm is […]

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